contact: M. Molinaro

GENIUS stands for Gaia European Network for Improved User Services. Its task is to significantly contribute to the design, implementation and operation of the archive system containing one billion objects.

IA2 is involved in its package WP300 to produce a packaged and runnable implementation of the IVOA TAP protocol to be used by single users to match their local data with the GAIA catalogue maintained by ESA.

This packaged solution comes from the IA2TAP implemetation of TAP, with a cleaned-up configuration and installation solution, a Docker based deployment alternative to the original component-by-component deployment, and a TAP_SCHEMA Manager (TSM) web application to help populate and maintain the TAP service required metadata information.

The following software packages and documentation are made available to the community:

The packages and documentation listed here refer to the status of development at the time of the GENIUS project's end, follow the links in the text above for further details or updates to the packages and documentation.

This work has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7--SPACE--2013--1) under grant agreement number 606740.