VO Resources Published by IA2

contact: M. Molinaro

Taking advantage of VO-Dance at IA2 the following (36) resources have been published to the community. The services (if not otherwise noted below) have then been registered (through the EURO-VO registry) in the VO world allowing direct availability of the resources to all applications capable of VO registry searching (e.g. TOPCAT, Aladin, ...). At present only catalogues (i.e. tabular data), tablesets (database based), images and spectra can be published through VO-Dance.

The services listed below consist of a mix of:

  • archival data and related databases directly managed by the IA2 project
  • archives and tables managed by other projects/organizations and hosted at the IA2 archive center in Trieste
  • databases hosted at IA2 while data is located somewhere else

VO-Dance is also capable of publishing services that rely on database tables and physical archives both located elsewhere from its implementation site (INAF-OATs at present).

If you have astronomical images or catalogues and you want to make them available (totally or in part) to the international VO community don't hesitate to contact us.


For the TNG-LTA a set of 3 imaging resources have been published as compliant SIA VO services:

  • OIG images (all data from OIG is public)
  • NICS images (> 1 year old data)
  • LRS (doLoReS) images (> 1 year old data)


A set of 11 catalogue resources have been published complying the IVOA Cone Search protocol. These services contain the the full ERCSC (Early Release Compact Source Catalogue) Planck data. The data itself is managed by ESAC, the tables used to deploy the services are simply hosted at IA2.

  • 30, 44, 70, 100, 143, 217, 353, 545 and 857 GHz catalogues (9 cone search services)
  • cold core catalogue
  • Sunyaev Zel'dovich detected cluster candidates catalogue


A SIA service for the "ARNICA" infrared canera has been published. This service is built upon a DB table hosted at the IA2 archives center in Trieste while the images archive is located at the INAF-OA Arcetri observatory (near Florence).

WGE/SDSS catalogues

A set of 4 cone search services from D'Abrusco 2009 (2009MNRAS.396..223D) and Laurino 2011 (2011MNRAS.418.2165L) as well as a TAP service deploying the full set of catalogues contaning SDSS extracted catalogues for candidate quasars and galaxies with related photometric redshifts are published through VO-Dance and IA2TAP. All of these services are built upon DB tables hosted at IA2.


A set of 11 cone search services and 1 SIAP service have been published from a set of images and a complex DB (replicated and hosted at IA2 data center) from the WINGS survey. For details on the data content refer to Fasano & al. (2006A&A...445..805F) and Moretti & al. (2014A&A...564A.138M) papers.


An SSAP service is being developed for the VIPERS spectral survey. Information of the survey and data used as a base for this service deployment can be found in Garilli & al. (2014A&A26A...562A..23G) and Guzzo & al. (2014A&A...566A.108G).