IA2 developed Software:


Contact: S. Zorba

TAP_SCHEMA is a particular database schema defined in the Table Access Protocol (TAP) IVOA Standard. It is intended for containing metadata related to a TAP service, like schemas, tables and columns exposed by the service or datatype, indexing, description and other information about columns. The TAP_SCHEMA Manager is a Java EE application that provides a graphical user interface that can be used to create or edit a TAP_SCHEMA also by people that don't have specific SQL skills.

TAP_SCHEMA Manager is part of APOGEO tool but it can also be used as a standalone application.

Currently it supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

This tool is under development but if you are interested we can provide access to the source. It will be released with GPL 3 license.

We acknowledge support from the Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster – ASTERICS project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme (GA 653477).

How it works


The user can access multiple TAP_SCHEMA schemas from the Manager application. The TAP_SCHEMA schema could be stored into a different database server than the database server from which the metadata are retrieved (we called it "the source").

To avoid repeating the credentials insertion the TAP_SCHEMA Manager asks a single password and then can store permanently credentials that the user needs:



The TAP_SCHEMA Manager web interface allows the user selecting which schemas, tables and columns a TAP service should expose:


Before saving the changes the interface can also list the update that will be performed:


UCD Validation

The application includes also tools for validating UCD.

It can call the CDS UCD web services:


And it also include another UCD Validator tool, for offline usage or for inserting custom UCD:


Download TAP_SCHEMA Manager